Calling All Makers!

There is NO FEE to participate in the Western New York Regional Maker Faire if you are not selling or promoting a product, service, or organization.  If you are a “commercial maker” and want to sell, booth fees may apply, contact us for clarification at

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The Western New York Regional Maker Faire is a full-blown WNY community festival that celebrates innovation, invention, and the do-it-yourself spirit!  We bring together artists, tinkerers, scientists, experimenters, crafters, designers, engineers, foodies, musicians, and builders of all ages who want to share their work and ideas with others. Whether you make your own computer software or musical instruments, build your own robots or racecars, make candy or poetry, the Buffalo Mini Maker Faire is your chance to show the community what you’re making!  This is your chance to be a part of this vibrant community!  

The event will be hosted by the Frontier Central School District and will be held at Big Tree Elementary School located at 4460 Bayview Road, in Hamburg, NY 14075.  The event will take place on Saturday, April 30th, 2022.

We are once again working hard to beat our past event records! 

  • We will attract thousands of attendees!
  • You will have the opportunity to meet the over 100 makers showing and explaining projects of all sorts.
  • You will have opportunities to participate in hands-on workshops on many topics!
  • You can attend one of our many scheduled stage show performances!
  • You can participate in panel discussions, project demonstrations, and more!

This is an all ages, family-friendly event showcases the amazing work of all kinds of makers across the Western New York area and beyond—anyone who is embracing the DIY or DIT (do-it-together!) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience.

Exhibits that are interactive or highlight the process of making things are especially desired.  


  • Apply as an exhibitor, performer, or presenter.
  • Please enter early so we can reserve space for your exhibit and promote you!

The first step to participating in the Maker Faire is to submit an entry that tells us about yourself and your project. Entries can be submitted from individualsgroups such as hobbyist clubs and schools; commercial makers or crafters; startups; and companies.

Here’s some suggested ideas for topics that we’re looking for:

  • Robotics
  • Wearables, E-Textiles, Fashion Tech
  • Biology/Biotech and Chemistry Projects
  • Drones & RC Fun
  • Homesteader & Domestic Arts
  • Kinetic, Fire & Installation Art
  • Digital Fabrication – 3D Printers, CNC, ETC
  • Open Hardware Projects
  • Design: Industrial, Fashion, Product, Urban
  • Young Makers & School Maker Clubs
  • Music Performance
  • Hacks of Any Sort
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Foundry & Blacksmithing
  • How-To Workshops, Panel Discussions and Presenters
  • Electronic Projects
  • Textiles and Arts and Crafts
  • Rockets and RC Toys
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Radios, Vintage Computers and Game Systems
  • Electronics
  • Puppets
  • Bicycles and Human-Powered Machines
  • Shelter (Tents, Domes, etc.)
  • Unusual Tools or Machines
  • How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.)

Note: There is no fee to participate in the Maker Faire if you are not selling or promoting a product.

Maker Exhibit: Our standard setup for a Maker exhibit is a 8’x10′ space. Use your space to display your work and/or demonstrate how you make something. If you need more space for your exhibit or project, you can let us know in the Call for Makers form.

Presentations or Workshops: 12, 25 minute or 45 minute time slots.  Can be demos, stories, how-tos, and group (panel) conversations.

Performances: Our main music stage typically has 40-45 minute sets.   We love to program non-musical performances as well, and encourage pop-up performance happenings.

Vendor Booths/ Promotors:  If you are a “commercial maker” and want to sell, booth fees are $50. After completing the Call To Makers Form, you will be notified if you are an approved vendor.  As soon as you are approved, you can pay the $50 table or booth fee at your earliest convenience at

Apply Early for Priority Placement

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